Veronica Valli, M.Sc.

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Veronica Valli was born in Bologna, Italy and holds a bachelor's degree in economics and marketing and a master's degree in statistics, economics and business, both acquired at the University of Bologna. In 2012, she spent three months at the University of Ghent, Belgium, where she worked on her master thesis. In her master thesis, she applied a Generalized Orderd Logit model to investigate European consumer's perceptions of nutrition-related risks.

Veronica experienced the research environment and has also acquired practical experience in the field of business information through an internship at CRIF s.p.a. Since September 2013 she is a PhD student at the Chair of Quantitative Marketing and Consumer Analytics at University of Mannheim.

Veronica's research interests are mainly focused on marketing research, marketing models and methods for data analysis.


Recent Paper:

Christine Hoefkens, Veronica Valli, Mario Mazzocchi, W. Bruce Traill, Wim Verbeke (2013): ''Opens external link in new windowEuropean consumers' perceived seriousness of their eating habits relative to other personal health risks'', in Preventive Medicine, Vol. 57(5), p. 618–622.