Dr. Andreas U. Lanz

            Office:             L 5, 2 - 2. floor                                  

            Email:             andreas.lanz(at)uni-mannheim.de

            Phone:           +49 (0)621 - 181 - 1563        

            Visiting hours: by appointment




In the past years, Andreas has been successfully bridging marketing research and practice by closely collaborating with Berlin-headquartered startup SoundCloud, the world's largest online platform in the domain of music. As part of a German-Israeli research group, he tackled some fundamental questions related to the two-sided market problem of online platforms, especially how to improve recommendation systems. His research interests lie primarily in understanding and predicting individual as well as aggregate behavior in social systems.


Current Project:

Lanz, Andreas U., Jacob Goldenberg, Daniel Shapira, and Florian Stahl, “Climb or Jump – Status-Based Seeding in User-Generated Content Networks,” revision invited by Journal of Marketing Research.